How do I Know if I Need My Air Duct Cleaned?

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is an important exercise that should always be done on time. However, most homeowners can’t remember when they last cleaned their air ducts. The reason for this neglecting may be because the units are hidden behind the walls; hence, not noticeable. So, as a homeowner, how do I know if I need my air duct cleaned? The following are signs that should tell you its time you contacted a professional in air duct cleaning near you to service your air ducts.

No Difference in your interior whether the HVAC system is on or off

Have you noticed you aren’t experiencing any difference when you put your HVAC system on? This is a sign the system isn’t performing up to expectation. When the air ducts weren’t clean for a long time, the entire HVAC system is affected, and its performance will be negatively affected. That is why you aren’t getting the difference in your interior, whether the system is up and running or off. Air duct cleaning will ensure your system doesn’t break and is always performing optimally.

High Energy Consumption

If you have noticed a rise in your energy bills, yet you haven’t introduced any appliance that you may attribute to the increase, your air ducts may be the culprit. When air ducts aren’t cleaned for long, there are going to be clogged with dust particles, dirt, and other elements that will affect airflow. The HVAC system will have to work extra hard to keep up optimal performance; hence, consume more energy.

That’s why your energy bills have been on the rise recently despite maintaining your normal usage. Air duct cleaning by a professional will clear everything stuck in the air ducts to enable smooth airflow; hence, optimal performance and efficient energy consumption. If you ignore this, the entire system may break down.

Strange Noises

While the HVAC system may produce some noise during operation, it should not be extreme. When you realize some strange sounds are coming from your air ducts, then its time you get them cleaned. You should not wait until things get out of hand before you take action. Contact a professional in air duct cleaning to service the air ducts and get them operating with minimal noises.

Stuffy Interior Air or Odor

Dirty air ducts form an excellent habitat for rodents and other organisms that thrive in a dirty environment. Droppings from the rodents or decaying bodies of dead organisms will release a bad odor that when it finds its way into your interior, it affects air quality. That is why you are experiencing bad smells in your interior despite thorough cleaning and applying air fresheners in your interior. Hiring a professional to under air duct cleaning will ensure you will enjoy fresh and quality air.

Air duct cleaning should be done routinely for the benefit of your unit and your health. It will ensure the entire HVAC system performs efficiently and prolongs its lifespan. Furthermore, you will enjoy the fresh air and avoid respiratory diseases that may be triggered by a dirty air duct. Hire a professional today and enjoy the benefits!

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