Can Lint Build up in a Dryer Vent Cause a Fire?

Are you suspecting that there is a lint build up in your dryer vent, and you are wondering whether it can cause a fire? Well, yes, lint build-up makes your unit to be prone to fire, hence, putting your entire property at risk. That is why routine dryer vent cleaning is recommended to keep your unit in good shape and safe to use. However, only professional dryer cleaning services can guarantee that the unit is maintained well.

How Lint Build Up in a Dryer Can Cause a Fire

When your clothes are flipped around the dryer unit, they produce a fur-like material that is highly flammable. Most of this material is trapped in the unit’s lint trap. However, some of it may be trapped in the vent or the machine. Even if you empty the one in the lint trap, the one trapped either in the vent or the machinery continues to build gradually.

This build can trigger a fire in two ways:

  1. In the Unit – When lint is trapped in the dryer, it can reach the heating limit and cause overheating of the dryer. This can be characterized by overheating of the exterior of the unit or your clothes being scorching hot when you remove them from the unit. When you notice your unit is feeling hot and you don’t take immediate action by contacting a professional in dryer vent cleaning to have it checked, you may end up with fire in your house.
  2. In the Vent – When lint builds up inside the vent, it can block it, affecting airflow. You will have a build-up of hot air in your vent and the unit. This can cause overheating of the entire unit and possibly trigger a fire outbreak, especially if you are using your unit for long.

Preventing Fire from Lint Build Up

Routine dryer vent cleaning and maintenance of the entire unit is the key to avoid fire caused by lint build-up. It will not only prevent lint build-up but also fix any issues with the dyer because a faulty unit can also trigger a fire.

Besides, you should empty the lint trap regularly to ensure there is no build in the unit. When drying clothes that are likely to produce more lint, using other means of drying them is recommended to avoid depositing vast amounts of lint in your unit. Furthermore, if your clothes have flammable solvents or oils, avoid putting them in the dryer. This is because lint is highly flammable, and even if it is in a small amount if it gets into contact with another flammable element, there are high chances of getting a fire outbreak.

A thorough and professional inspection of your ductwork should be conducted routinely to ensure your vents don’t get clogged. The exercise should entail disconnecting and cleaning the entire units hence the need for professional services. You should not wait until your unit breaks down or catches fire to seek professional assistance. You can detect lint build up in your unit by signs such as overheating and clothes taking longer to dry. Contact a professional in dry vent cleaning at this point before it becomes too late.

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