Ways Dirty Air Ducts Can Make You Sick

Dirty Air Ducts

Air duct cleaning is among the things that are not in the do list of many homeowners. Most people will only remember to check on their air ducts when they malfunction or break down. However, did you know dirty air ducts can pose a risk to your health and make you sick? Well, if you are wondering how can dirty air ducts make you sick, the following are several ways:

1. Triggering allergy and respiratory problems

Dirty air ducts compromise the quality of air in your interior. Your interior will end up with allergens and other particles floating around. These allegers can trigger allergic reactions hence making you sick. Furthermore, if you or other members of your family have a respiratory problem such as asthma, inhaling low-quality air can worsen the situation. Therefore, to avoid getting such complications, you should schedule for routine professional air duct cleaning.

2. Habitat for Rodents and Other Disease-Causing organisms

When air ducts are not cleaned for long, they provide the perfect habitat for rodents and other creepy organisms. These organisms will be roaming in your house in search of food and can cause the spread of bacteria and contaminate your food. This will expose you and your family members to diseases such as rubies and other diseases caused by rodents.

3. Creates Sickly Environment

A dirty air duct means your interior will have poor quality airflow. When you have low quality in your house, you will experience a sickly feeling. Fresh air contributes to your overall health and moods. Therefore, if you have been experiencing a nauseating feeling yet you are not sick, your air ducts may be the problem. You should consider seeking professional air duct cleaning services to ensure your air ducts are well maintained and allow circulation of fresh air in your home.

4. Triggers Mold and Mildew Related Problems

Development of mold and mildew is common in air ducts that have been neglected. When you have mold growth on your air ducts, it is a sign you have left your air unkempt for too long. Mold can cause skin related problems such as rashes. Professional air duct cleaning can remove mold on the air ducts and keep you safe from experiencing such problems.

5. Trigger Bacteria Infections

A dirty air duct plays host to a wide range of bacteria. Even if your air duct may appear clean on the surface, if you have not cleaned it for long or have not used the proper cleaning standards, it will host bacteria that can not be seen with your naked eye. These bacteria will find their way into your interior and cause health problems for you and your family. You should ensure the air ducts are cleaned by a professional to ensure all the bacteria are completely removed.


You should not wait until the situation gets out of hand to get your air ducts cleaned. The above is enough evidence that neglecting your air ducts and failing to seek professional air duct cleaning can put your health at risk. Stay safe, schedule for professional routine air ducts cleaning.

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